Frequently Asked Questions

Basic answers to basic questions.

If you need to ask us something else or need more detail please feel free to contact us :).

Where are you located?

Inside of : Merchant Square and Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market Scottsdale, twice a year. 
If I want to purchase something from you that is at Merchant Square or JITTVM online do I have to purchase it there?
Yes, as it is part of their market. 
I tried to chat with you online via "Chat"and did not hear back. Why?

We LOVE chatting with you online from our Chat app however, once you leave the website we are not able to start or continue chatting,  unless you leave your email or phone number to follow up with. :) 

Do you offer a return service?

Sorry, no. All sales are final and we want you to be happy so if you have any issues please let us know so we can correct it.

Do you still carry Country Chic Paint?

We are no longer official retailers for the paint however, we do still have limited inventory. Please contact us about this. 


Do you still purchase and sell clothing?

We are working on the re-launch of our online clothing shop (August 2020) and no longer accept trade-ins. 

Will  you refurbish my vintage Cabbage Patch Kid?

Yes! We are newly offering this service for the CPKs with plastic heads.(September 2020). 

Can I sell you my vintage Cabbage Path Kid?

Sometimes, yes. Please contact us if you have the plastic head molds as we do

not carry or repair the soft sculpture. 


Do you do home shows with your decor?

No, we do not do home shows as it way to much to lug around. 

Do you ship furniture?

Not at this time.


Do you deliver furniture?

Not usually..... 

Do you offer consignment?

Not at this time.


Do you take custom orders?

Yes, for custom signs . 

Do you offer custom furniture painting services?

Yes, for small pieces (nightstands and dressers). Please contact us about this. 


Do you do fundraisers?

Not at this time. 


Do you still teach painting classes?

Not at this time. 

Can I purchase a franchise?

No, we are not offering franchises just yet. But, in the future , maybe :)